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Nivea Drop Rihanna : “We Cannot Be Brought Into Association With Her”

Her label may turn a blind eye to it and her fans may adore her for it, but it seemsNivea have no interest in dealing with Rihanna‘s ‘outlandish‘ personality any longer.

For despite enjoying a lucrative relationship with the company, who are believed to have sponsored her visual for ‘California King Bed‘, they have given her the boot- citing her lifestyle as grounds for her dismissal.

Earlier this year,  the Beiersdorf group which owns Nivea, welcomed a new commander in chief by the name of Stefan Heidenreich , and it is he who made the decision to cut ties with the ‘Battleship’ actress 

Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability.I do not understand how Nivea can be brought into association with Rihanna.

Unlikely to damage the her personal finances, it is worth wondering how this will affect the way in which Roc Nation handle Ms. Fenty.

For, while snaps like these paint the picture of a young woman having fun, losing money and severing business ties isn’t, and only strengthen rumors that the singer’s ‘situation’ isn’t as in tact as her team would have her fans believe.

A situation, that is only kept afloat by hit making producers and the weight she holds as a world renown Pop star and not  the talent she would need in the event  her endorsements ran dry, and touring would need to become her main source of funding.

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